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Password is Nearing Expiration

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SOR Accessibility Policy

Hot Keys

On Search Page

  • Alt-S Perform Search
  • Alt-C Clear Search Criteria

On Search Results Page

  • Alt-N Next set of results
  • Alt-P Previous set of results
  • Alt-F First set of results
  • Alt-L Last set of results
  • Alt-S Return to Search Again


  • Alt-S Save, or Submit
  • Alt-C Cancel

Table Navigation

Many of the screens contain tables. If you find the tables difficult to read and you are using a Jaws screen reader, it might be best to do the following:

  • Put the reader in Screen Mode. This will cause the up and down arrows to navigate from one row to another.
  • Use Alt-Ctl-Right Arrow and Alt-Ctl-Left Arrow to navigate between cells. This will cause the reader to read the header of the cell when it reads the contents of the cell.

Changing browser settings

Web browser settings can be changed to make text smaller or larger, text and/or background colour can be changed, and, if you are using the latest version of Internet Explorer you will be able to override the colour scheme of this and many other websites.

To set Internet Explorer to ignore the colours and fonts used in web sites, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the 'Tools' menu and choose 'Internet Options'.
  2. Choose the 'Accessibility' button.
  3. Check (or tick) the 'ignore colours', 'ignore font styles' and 'ignore font sizes' boxes.
  4. Select OK to apply the settings.

To make the text smaller or larger use the browser drop-down menu and go to 'View' then 'text size' and choose the setting you are most comfortable with - the options are largest, larger, medium, smaller, smallest.

    Notice To Public:   If you believe this web site is not as accessible as it should be, please use let us know using this link:

    • Click here  to send us an email message.
    • Explain the modification that you believe needs to be done to make the site more accessible.