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The Oklahoma Sex Offender Registry

The Oklahoma Department of Corrections created and maintains the data in the registry to provide the public and state and local agencies access to collected information about registered sex offenders in the community. Its purpose is to inform you to potential dangers and educate you on how you can better protect yourself and your family.

Any offender convicted of an offense identified by the State of Oklahoma as a sex offense is placed on the Oklahoma Sex Offender Registry. As is an offender that currently exists on another state's Sex Offender Registry and moves into Oklahoma. Information on registered offenders is updated regularly to keep the data as accurate as possible.

The registry is intended to help you better protect yourself and your family. It identifies known sex offenders all across Oklahoma. Various links to other resources are included to help you find support groups, neighborhood crime watch programs, and various state agencies and private organizations can provide additional information and assistance.

The registry provides many advanced features to assist you in identifying offenders. It features a comprehensive search engine to allow you to identify offenders by name, address, appearance, and offense. It generates and displays information in an easily readable, concise format to help you better understand the information. It provides specific details about offenders, including address , as well as a complete physical description.

Any questions or comments you might have can be sent to the Oklahoma Sex Offender Registry.