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Help on SOR Offender Detail

The Offender Detail page displays the detailed information for an offender. The data is organized in logical sections, listed below.
Name The name section lists the offender¿s name in the format ¿ 'first name' 'middle name' 'last name' 'surname'.
Photo The most recent photograph of the offender is displayed, if one is available. Below the photograph is the date it was added to the system. If more than on photograph is available for an offender, a control will appear between the photograph and the date of the photo. This control consists of a display denoting which photograph out of the total number available is displayed and arrows to either side of the display that will update the screen with the next photograph in the sequence. Multiple photographs are ordered by the photograph date, in descending order, from newest to oldest.
Alias A list of aliases is displayed in the format ¿ 'first name' 'middle name' 'last name' 'surname'.
Status The status displays the current registry status of the offender. This consist of the following:
  • Aggravated - Yes or No as to whether offender is classified as an aggravated sex offender.
  • Habitual - Yes or No as to whether offender is classified as a habitual sex offender.
  • Appearance
  • Race
  • Gender
  • Age
  • Height
  • Weight
  • Hair Color
  • Eye Color
  • Body Marks
  • Classification - Type of mark and location.
  • Description - description of mark beyond type and location.
  • Offenses
  • Offense - Name of the offense . You can click the link on the offense name to view the Oklahoma statute, or definition, of the offense.
  • County - county of the conviction.
  • City - city of the offense.
  • State - state in which the conviction occurred.
  • Conviction Date - date of conviction.
  • Addresses
  • Description - Name of housing edition, apartment complex, etc.
  • Address - offender's address, including street address, city, state, zip code, and country (if applicable).
  • County - county of address.
  • Dates - dates offender entered and left address.
  • Post Note to Police About Offender This button allows the general public to submit anonymous notes about an offender for the police to access. Please note that this tool should not be abused. Valid information is welcome. Comments are permitted concerning an offender or his whereabouts, unusual activities, associates, or suspicions. The offender will not see these messages. Police are not required to respond or acknowledge these notes, but these notes can be an effective tool for communicating important information. However, this is not an official method of communications with the police department and does not replace contacting the police for official purposes.