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Password is Nearing Expiration

Search results summary

Search Results Summary

The Summary of search results displays a concise list of offenders that match the specified search criteria. It is intended to be brief, readable, and contain the most basic and pertinent information about the offender. From here you can access futher information about the offender(s).

The specific information included for an offender include: Oklahoma Department of Corrections number (ODOC #), offender name (first middle last), status (if necessary), race, gender, and current address.

  • The ODOC # is the id that is assigned to an offender by the Oklahoma Department of Corrections.
  • The name is the offender's full name. Clicking on the offender's name will display the Sex Offender Registry Detail page for the offender. For further information, see the help page on Detail Page.
  • An offender's status is typically active. This means that the offender is currently registered and is serving his time on the registry. Once his registry time is completed, his status will change, removing the offender from public view. A status of active is not displayed but is assumed. Another typical offender status is incarcerated. This indicates that the offender was registered but has since been returned to prison. Offenders can have a status of active or incarcerated. The status 'active' is the default and is never displayed. Only incarcerated is shown, when appropriate.
  • Race and gender are included to give you the most dominant physical characteristics immediately in the summary. This helps to identify specific offenders by major appearance characteristics without having to go to the Detail Page. No other physical characteristics are included to keep this summary clean and readable.
  • The offender's address listed is his current address. It includes the address, city, state, zip code and county.

    If the list of offenders is too large to fit on the screen all at once, buttons will appear at the bottom to help you navigate through the list. Buttons will not appear if all offenders are displayed.

    In addition to the standard summary view, you can generate a list of the offenders suitable for printing by clicking on the clicking on the view results as a roster link provided at the bottom right of the page. This will display in your browser a complete listing of the offenders with added details.