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Password is Nearing Expiration

Rap Sheet

Offender Rap Sheet

The Rap Sheet is an extension of the Offender Detail Page. It is a printable representation of the complete set of information available for an offender. All links and superfluous elements are removed to maximize space and optimize the appearance of the data for printing.

Currently, there is no way to automatically reconfigure your browser's printer settings to print this report correctly automatically. You may want to adjust the printer or page settings for your browser to obtain the best results.

Optimally, you will want to minimize your margin size for printing. About 1/2 inch should be sufficient. Printing in landscape is also recommended. In addition, you may wish to disable any headers or footers. Refer to your browser's printer setup for details.

The page is designed to display 35 offenders on the first page and 38 there after. This is a good number for a standard laser printer in landscape mode and with minimal margins. To accomplish this, the page utilizes a feature of CSS, HTML Cascading Style Sheets v2.0, that allows the html page to define page breaks. This allows the report to place a header at the top of every page. However, this feature is not completely supported in all browsers. If it is not supported or the page settings are too limiting or insufficient, the page breaks will fail. This results in headers appearing at varying points throughout the pages. If this happens, try adjusting the page settings to optimize the reports appearance. If your browser supports page preview, use it. This can save you a lot of time and paper.